Staying clean and fresh at the Picnic!

31 08 2007


Given the weekend that’s in it with Electric Picnic taking place this weekend in Ireland, we thought a festival-themed entry would be appropriate! At music festival Lowlands, which took place recently, jeans brand Wrangler offered festival goers a much needed service: laundry. And at 18 meters wide and 9 meters high, the Wrangler Laundromat was hard to miss.

People dropped off their mud-encrusted laundry and were sent a text message the moment it was ready. No spare change of clothes? Wrangler came up with a generous solution to that problem, too: they handed out black overalls to anyone who used the laundromat. After picking up their spotless garments, visitors are given a “Dear Mom, I’m clean” postcard to send home. 

Wrangler Laundromat is an exercise in experiential marketing, aimed at surprising and delighting consumers in a way that magazine ads or TV spots usually can’t.




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