Apple IPHONE – Yep, it is as awesome as expected!

31 08 2007


We know that sometimes products have a tendency to not live up to expectations. You listen to all the hype and then when you actually get one in your hand to play with, its a bit of a disappointment. Not so with the magnificent Apple IPhone. We got one to play with this week and it is every bit as impressive as we expected it to be. It seems these days that every day there’s a new cool phone to have. We have a desk drawer of handsets in the office, each one given to us with the claim that “It’s going to be the next big thing.” Not so with the IPhone, not only does it live up to the hype, it exceeds it in every way.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that its a matter of comparing it to your existing Nokia, Sony or Motorola handset. Comparing the IPhone to any of these is like comparing a black and white television with the latest 60″ Plasma LCD. Apple have done what they do best and designed the phone around at interface that’s totally natural and intuitive. Anyone who picks up this phone will be able to drive it straight away,  we cant even remember whether there was even a manual in the box. The touch screen interface works so simply and yet so efficiently. Even if you could never make a phone call from it, this handset would be the only handheld device you’d ever need! Between its camera, using its Ipod function, Google Earth and checking your mail, its a while before you remember that the whole damn point is to use it to phone people. 

Now there’s been some cricisim on the Internet about the limits of its technical specification but who cares! For the rest of us its an awesome piece of technology that Apple (as they always do) will improve on over time. 





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