DIY Wedding Rings

23 10 2007

Wedding Rings

Few possessions are closer to married consumers’ hearts than their wedding rings, but purchase decisions have traditionally been limited to figuring out whether to buy one ready-made or to ask a jeweller to make a custom one.

Now New York Wedding Ring is offering consumers a third possibility: make it themselves.

Consumers are well-acquainted with the “make or buy” decision from many aspects of their lives, but rarely has jewellery been one of them because of the skill and equipment required. New York Wedding Ring, however, is changing that with private, full-day workshops in which couples can design and craft their engagement or wedding rings. A professional jeweller guides them at each stage of the process as they work with platinum, gold, palladium, or mokume gane; by the end of the day, they will have crafted professional-quality rings through an experience they’ll always remember.

Pricing begins at USD 1,075 for a set of two simple palladium wedding rings crafted in a one-day workshop; more elaborate designs tend to require a second day, and cost an additional USD 850. New York Wedding Ring operates studios in both New York and San Francisco.



Design Your Own Duvet

1 10 2007

Design Your Own Duvet

There’s nothing like customisation to make consumers feel unique, and the mass-customization trend has brought that feeling to goods as diverse as computers, blue jeans and breakfast cereal. Now American-based Inmod is taking customisation into the inner sanctum of consumers’ home lives with a service that lets them design their own duvets. There are other outlets that offer custom duvets, but most often the only choices to make are the fabric and size, and maybe the colour.  

Customers using the Inmod Design Studio, on the other hand, choose from a growing variety of embroidered patterns as well as colours and fabrics to design their duvet just the way they want it. Fabric choices include silk taffeta, silk dupioni and a linen blend; embroidery options include a wide variety of chic modern, retro, pop-art, geometric and nature-inspired designs, all in the customer’s choice of colours for background and each level of detail.  

Once satisfied with their creation, customers can preview it online in a bedroom environment.  Each embroidered Inmod duvet is hand-made in India, and delivery takes 4 to 6 weeks. One rule of thumb with customization is that it’s hard to offer too much of it from a consumer’s viewpoint. How about taking a segmented approach to the same idea, with custom duvets for kids, teens, newlyweds? What about sheets, towels, drapery, or table linens? Let the customising fun begin!    


We’re Loving it!

11 09 2007


LiveByLove is a new lingerie brand by Irish designer, Lisa O’Riordan. Currently available in Brown Thomas, the spring/summer collection 2007 has proven to be an instant hit with Irish women. The bright and vibrant colours (hot pink, cherry red, sea blue, Kermit green) combined with the carefully selected lycra based fabrics gives an almost beachwear quality to the range.  

livebylove offers comfortable versatile lingerie for the fashion conscious woman. The concept is outer underwear, created to allow the wearer versatility in their styling. It’s about offering style conscious women a way to enhance their individual style and look.  

Livebylove is unique in that the designs are created here in Ireland and manufactured both here and in Europe using only fabrics of the best quality, that are easy to care for and long lasting.  Website:


Pink Mechanic Fever!

10 09 2007


After years of being ignored, female drivers are finally getting recognized by the auto industry as an important part of the market. What could make more sense, then, than an emerging market for women-specific automotive tools? 

The Pink Toolbox Co. packs its GBP 24.99 Pink Car Kit with essential emergency supplies such as jump leads, mobile charger and hammer—all in girly-girl pink. California-based Safety Girl, meanwhile, offers the more whimsical USD 29.95 Safety Girl Roadside Emergency Kit, which includes breath freshener, lip balm and chocolate as well as utilitarian items such as an emergency blanket and instructions for changing a flat tire.British Love My Car, on the other hand, offers an interesting variation on the theme by zeroing in on young women driving their very first car.  Four kit options are available with such useful “Make Me Safer” tools as a safety hammer with built-in torch, phone charger, UK map book and de-icer. Prices range from GBP 24.75 to GBP 55.  

We’ve already got someone in mind for one of these kits for Christmas! You know who you are! 🙂

What goes on in Photographer’s Heads?

10 09 2007


For all of us who wonder just what’s going on in our photographer’s heads, check out Altar Narrative, the new documentary wedding photography blog from Roger Overall Photography.

For a busy, busy photographer, Roger does a great job of posting some of his favourite wedding photos and explaining the stories behind them.  It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the individual sytle of one of the countries top photographers!

Restaurant Closes, and opens, and Closes…

6 09 2007


So here’s an idea that we really, really love. A new restaurant recently opened on East 63rd Street, Park Avenue, New York. Within three months, it will close. And reopen. And close. And reopen.

With each season, what was formerly known as Park Avenue Café will be reborn as a new restaurant. Park Avenue Summer, as it’s currently named, is part of the Smith & Wollensky restaurant group and is supremely in tune with the seasons. While most restaurants adapt their menus to accommodate the available foods and prevailing moods of the time of year, Park Avenue takes seasonality to a new heights and will also completely revamp its décor, staff uniforms and place settings. Currently, waitresses wear sundresses, wall panels are yellow, and guests are served Lemon Sole and Peach Sorbet. The restaurant’s interior was created by design agency AvroKO, which took cues from theatre stage sets to help facilitate the transition to Park Avenue Autumn in September.

Park Avenue Summer reminds us of InterContinental’s Hotel Indigo, which features mood elements that change to reflect the seasons. If you’re in hospitality, take a cue from the pioneers and see if you too can radically transform with the seasons, or with a more arbitrary timeline. Do it well, and customers will keep returning to experience your latest twists and turns.

Apple IPHONE – Yep, it is as awesome as expected!

31 08 2007


We know that sometimes products have a tendency to not live up to expectations. You listen to all the hype and then when you actually get one in your hand to play with, its a bit of a disappointment. Not so with the magnificent Apple IPhone. We got one to play with this week and it is every bit as impressive as we expected it to be. It seems these days that every day there’s a new cool phone to have. We have a desk drawer of handsets in the office, each one given to us with the claim that “It’s going to be the next big thing.” Not so with the IPhone, not only does it live up to the hype, it exceeds it in every way.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that its a matter of comparing it to your existing Nokia, Sony or Motorola handset. Comparing the IPhone to any of these is like comparing a black and white television with the latest 60″ Plasma LCD. Apple have done what they do best and designed the phone around at interface that’s totally natural and intuitive. Anyone who picks up this phone will be able to drive it straight away,  we cant even remember whether there was even a manual in the box. The touch screen interface works so simply and yet so efficiently. Even if you could never make a phone call from it, this handset would be the only handheld device you’d ever need! Between its camera, using its Ipod function, Google Earth and checking your mail, its a while before you remember that the whole damn point is to use it to phone people. 

Now there’s been some cricisim on the Internet about the limits of its technical specification but who cares! For the rest of us its an awesome piece of technology that Apple (as they always do) will improve on over time.