Advertising big!

26 10 2007

Ad Air

A unique advertising medium that targets airline passengers in their seats. Ad-Air reaches this highly desirable demographic and captive audience by placing advertisements of 20,000m2, approx 5 acres in size, flat on the ground alongside the flight paths in and out of the world’s busiest airports.

The Ad-Air concept revolutionises ‘out-of-home’ advertising with the largest adverts to be seen from the air. This ‘record breaking’ new medium delivers a captive audience of millions of premium international passengers. 

This exceptional outdoor ad company have also just broken the world record by erecting….or rather rolling out…the world’s largest billboard at Dubai’s International airport approach. The advert, for Sorouh Real Estate, covers more than 20,000 sq m – more than two football pitches – and is viewed from the air by arriving and departing plane passengers.



Forget Scratch n Sniff, try Peel ‘n Taste!

26 10 2007

First Flavour

Food and beverage marketers have long known that there’s nothing quite like sampling to convince a consumer to try something new, but the high cost and limited reach of traditional sampling campaigns are often prohibitive. Enter First Flavor, which converts flavours into Peel ‘n Taste strips that can be mass-distributed in a broad-scale tryvertising campaign.

First Flavor’s strips contain no sugar or calorie. Possible uses for the strips include not just print advertisements but also direct mail, product-on-product, and in-store coupon dispensing applications.


The New Kid on the Cork Block!

23 10 2007


Now in our home town of Cork people tend to think that there are way too many hotels. In the last five years, we’ve added at least a half dozen new hotels to the area including some heavy hitters like the Clarion, Sheraton, Radisson, Capella, as well as extensive renovations to existing properties resulting in the new Jurys Cork Hotel and Montonette Hotel.

Still, as hotel fans, we’re really glad to see that there’s still room in the market for hoteliers with a bit of imagination and at the new Cork International Airport Hotel, imagination is an understatement.

From when you first walk down the timber walkway and through the glass doors into the expansive lobby, you know you’re in for treat. Quirky décor is combined with a feeling of comfortable surroundings and an almost intuitive feeling of where everything is located.

It’s only when you start to explore the nooks and crannies that the magic of the hotel becomes apparent. From the Pullman Lounge off of reception where guests who are waiting on their flights can relax in the comfort of a recreated first class airplane cabin, complete with first class airline seats, to the bakery in the lobby, fantastic bar and restaurant, the hotel just seems to go on and on in its efforts to amaze and surprise.    

This attention to detail extends into the lifts, corridors and into the bedrooms which are meticulously planned to ensure guest comfort. We look forward to checking in soon at what we’re sure will be one of the hotels leading hotel and dining destinations.

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Hotels go even more aloft

23 10 2007

Aloft Bukilding

aloft is the exciting new hotel concept from hospitality giants Starwood, who have aimed to have 500 aloft properties worldwide by 2010.

Starwood were the first of the big five hotel groups to adopt the concept of boutique-style hotels when they launched their W Hotels concept. Now having learned there lessons from that extremely successful city-based chain, they have developed a new concept that should sit nicely in most locations.

As a vision of W Hotels, aloft carries the DNA of W by bringing a new level of style and experience to the select-service market. Key to the uniqueness of the brand will be its innovative food and beverage concepts: re:fuel and w xyz.

re:fuel, an urban inspired, 24-hour a day gourmet food offering, will redefine the way travelers think about eating on the road – banishing forever powdered eggs and instant coffee. Guests at aloft hotels will instead enjoy sweet, savory and healthy foods such as fresh fruit, custom coffee drinks and freshly made sandwiches.

After the workday is done, guests and in-the-know locals will unwind at w xyz, aloft’s destination bar. By combining signature cocktails and a sommelier-curated wine list in a comfortable, loft-inspired environment along with stylistic features like oversized windows looking out into the backyard and the splash pool, w xyz will delight all the senses.

Aloft Bedroom

Each aloft hotel incorporates unique, natural materials, innovative architecture and industry leading guestrooms. The guestrooms feature generous nine-foot ceilings and full-height windows, creating a decidedly loft-like feel, a signature ultra-comfortable bed, well-engineered work spaces with the latest in technology, generous bathrooms with spacious walk-in showers and amenities.

In addition, the aloft brand team has developed innovative training programs, operating procedures and brand standards, all to ensure that a stay at an aloft hotel is unlike any other travel experience.


Walk-in Wardrobes? How about Ship-in Wardrobes?

23 10 2007


New Yorkers whose closets are bursting at the seams have a high-tech solution for storing their off-season or special occasion duds-without having to worry their garments will be out of sight, much less out of mind. Garde Robe is a first-class, full-service wardrobe storage facility that not only provides a place to stow pieces that currently are out of rotation, but digitally photographs each item to be organized in an online Cyber Closet. Customers can browse a catalogue of their belongings at their leisure from anywhere they access the web and arrange for delivery as needed.

Items are stored in an air-conditioned converted loft space, specially designed for proper storage and maintenance of clothing, shoes and accessories. Pieces are available for delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, though advanced notice is required during off hours. Wardrobe storage fees begin at USD 350 per month for clothing, and USD 225 for shoes only. Garde Robe also offers special services, including a first-class seamstress for fittings and alterations, a professional image consultant who can help customers define their style, and a hairdresser and make-up artist to help polish off any look. There’s also a packing service, French hand laundering, and shirts and linens can be hand-pressed upon request. And customers who are doing fine with space, but lacking in organization skills, can opt to have Garde Robe create Cyber Closets for them for USD 150 per hour. Garde Robe markets their services to business travellers, too, who might want to avoid the hustle and bustle of baggage claim during frequent trips to the Big Apple.


Finally, Electric Cars are getting somewhere!

23 10 2007


The auto industry’s transition to alternative energy won’t just affect oil companies. It’s destined to disrupt and reinvent supply chains for fuel, financing and just about everything else that makes a car run. All of which translates into unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The latest evidence: Norway’s two-seat, electric-powered Think City car-set to go on sale in the coming months-will come with an owner financing package unheard of in the auto industry. Consumers will pay an estimated USD 15,000 to 17,000 for the vehicle, but the company plans to lease the Think’s battery. And for good reason: on its own, the battery would cost an estimated USD 34,000, more than the price of a low-end luxury vehicle in most countries. Moreover, the Think battery’s useful life will depend on how the vehicle is used. Meaning: if Think owners were compelled to buy the battery along with the car, they’d be assuming risks few vehicle buyers would tolerate.

The workaround Think has devised is a USD 100-200 per month bundle that will include the battery lease plus other services such as insurance and mobile internet access. The latter will enable the company to remotely monitor the battery’s remaining useful life. As the battery’s ability to recharge declines with age, the company will automatically offer owners the chance to replace it or alternately keep the battery in exchange for a lower monthly leasing fee.

Think’s battery-leasing business model differs sharply from that of US electric car maker Tesla Motors. With a batteries-and-all price tag of about USD 100,000, the sporty Tesla is being marketed as status symbol for Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley titans. Notwithstanding, under an agreement announced this spring, Tesla will help supply Think with battery packs. Notably, both Think and Tesla are start-ups, aptly illustrating how the switch to alternate fuels will make room for innovative upstarts in an industry dominated by giants.


Women buy cars too, ya’know!

23 10 2007


Although research finds that women are responsible for the bulk of purchasing decisions-one arena that continues to overlook this important target market is auto dealerships. Until now, that is. Enter Clutch-a new offshoot of Canada’s autoONE company, which recently opened in Vancouver.

Customers know from the moment they walk through the dealership doors that they’re not in for the stereotypical car-buying experience. “With its Italian-tiled floor, Paul Kane sofa, modern lighting, and La Marzocco espresso machine, Clutch has more the look and feel of a high end fashion boutique than a car dealership.” Of course, it’s the service that really makes the grade, with approachable sales staff who can respectfully-without the usual high-pressure sales tactics-walk buyers through the inventory of Aston Martins, BMWs, Jaguars, Land Rovers, Mercedes-Benzs, Minis and Porches-or hang back, available if questions should arise, for customers who prefer to browse solo. And forget the usual 10-minute test drive-Clutch customers can take a vehicle for a full day to try it out and see if it fits their lifestyle and needs.

It all makes for rather classy car-shopping, and considering how much this market spends on Manolo Blahniks and other designer fare, turning the auto dealership model on its head to appeal to female shoppers could reap some nice rewards. It won’t be surprising if car dealers in other regions take steps to court them as well. Now might be a good time to consider what other ventures that traditionally have catered to male customers might be due for a makeover!